Chi Farms Set to Expand Production Capacity of Catfish

Chi Farms Ltd., a leading agribusiness company in Nigeria and a member of TGI Group, is planning to expand its catfish capacity to 600MT per month. This expansion is in line with their aim to satisfy the growing need for catfish in Nigeria.

“We are currently increasing our aquaculture production capacity in a targeted and strategic manner”, Dr. Tunji Olaitan, Managing Director – Chi Farms said. “We are currently operating on a 400MT per month capacity but to actualize our commitment to food production and support in reduction of food importation in Nigeria, these investments have to be made. We should complete this expansion and see significant changes in our production before the end of Q2 2021”, he added.

Head of Department, Aquaculture – Chi Farms, Mr. Lawrence Williams, expressed his excitement about the expansion and added that “the expansion will not only increase the amount of catfish but also provide job opportunities for many working class Nigerians.”

He further stated that “increasing the capacity of catfish production will help fill the gap in terms of demand in the market and enable the exportation of our catfish to different parts of the Africa”.

About Chi Farms Ltd.:

Chi Farms Limited is a leading agribusiness company in Nigeria and a member of the Tropical General Investments (TGI) Group, a global conglomerate with a majority of its investments based in emerging markets.

CHI Farms has been in business for close to three decades, and has grown steadily, offering products and services in the Nigerian Agricultural sector, while employing innovative approaches and technologies.

Over the years, CHI Farms has strengthened and diversified its product ranges and services in poultry, aquaculture, fish feed, cattle breeding and fattening, meat and meat processing. It also offers a range of other services including technical support services, laboratory services and training institute for capacity building and manpower development.

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