Chi Farms to Build Permanent Site for Poultry School in 2021/2022

CHI Farms Ltd., a member of the TGI Group, and a leading agribusiness in Nigeria, recently mapped out a new expanse of land for the construction of the permanent site for Chi Farms’ Poultry School at Ajanla, Ibadan. In the past 6 years, the school has been operating from the Training Auditorium at Chi Farms’ city facility.

Mr. Oginga Emagboron, Chi Farms’ Head of Poultry School and Customer Focus Team, spoke about the vision and the objective of the school. He stated “The goal is to invest in quality and innovative knowledge transfer. This would enhance the capacity for sustainable investment in the Animal Protein Value Chains for Global Food Security. The Poultry School is fundamental in addressing the growing skill-gaps experienced by stakeholders in the industry.”

He further added, “the Poultry School’s impact on Chi Farms will be immensely positive because it will set Chi Farms as the fulcrum of developmental initiatives. The school will also serve as a knowledge resource center and a platform to provide custom-built technical and market support services and solutions to poultry stakeholders in the Nigerian Poultry Industry.”

Martin Middernacht, Executive Director, Chi Farms, commented on the dynamic and evolving nature of the industry, stating that equivalent track of hands-on experience is required to complement theoretical knowledge, in order to enable value transmission and enterprise transformation. “The plan in place is to have a structure with the collaboration of our partners, both locally and internationally, for administration, curriculum development and management, enriched by faculties of key stakeholders”, he said.

The Managing Director, Chi Farms, Dr. Tunji Olaitan gave some historic perspective to the company’s decision for expansion. He said, “The school initially began as an informal training program in our company’s board room over 10 years ago, but it has since grown to have a proper structure that not only services our people’s learning needs but also the needs of external stakeholders. As the demand for our trainings increased, we had to create a better environment for learning, hence the move to build the school.”

The school curriculum and modules will highlight training needs specific for individuals, farmer groups/cooperatives, NGOs, government agencies, private/public partnerships, etc. The school will also foster collaboration with government and private educational institutions, NGOs, ministries, departments and agencies on empowerment and food security initiatives.

About Chi Farms Ltd.:

Chi Farms Limited is a leading agribusiness company in Nigeria and a member of the Tropical General Investments (TGI) Group, a global conglomerate with a majority of its investments based in emerging markets.

CHI Farms has been in business for close to three decades, and has grown steadily, offering products and services in the Nigerian Agricultural sector, while employing innovative approaches and technologies.

Over the years, CHI Farms has strengthened and diversified its product ranges and services in poultry, aquaculture, fish feed, cattle breeding and fattening, meat and meat processing. It also offers a range of other services including technical support services, laboratory services and training institute for capacity building and manpower development.

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