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Chi Farms Ltd. is an integrated poultry farm with breeding operations and processing of commercial broilers. We offer Parent Stock of layer and broiler lines to other hatcheries in Nigeria. We hatch and distribute commercial pullets and broilers, and offer post-sales technical services to customers. Chi Farms produces and processes broilers, sausages and hamburgers for fast foods, restaurants, hotels, catering services, and supermarkets in Nigeria.

Chi Farms Ltd. has an aqua farm active in the breeding and rearing of catfish.

Chi Farms also supplies a wide range of poultry vaccines to the Nigerian poultry sector, supported by its own laboratories and veterinary services.

We also have a training institute for capacity building and manpower development. We offer courses in general poultry management, rearing management, biosecurity, among many others


Breeder Chicks

Chi Farms Ltd. produces Parent Stock (PS) birds at its hatchery. The Parent Stock covers both the broiler and layer line. Chi Farms produces the Arbor Acres Plus PS for the broiler line and the ISA Brown Layer PS for the layer line.

Commercial Day-Old Chicks

Chi Farms Ltd. produces the commercial broiler and pullet day-old chicks. We have the Arbor Acres Plus commercial broiler day-old chicks, ISA Brown commercial pullet day-old chicks and the Amberlink commercial pullet day-old chicks.

Chicken Frozen Products

Chi Farms Ltd. sells the following chicken frozen products: dressed chicken, drumsticks, laps, thighs, wings, boneless chicken (fillet), gizzard, chicken sausage, and smoked chicken.

Beef Frozen Products

Chi Farms Ltd. sells the following beef frozen products: breakfast sausage, value sausage, pepperoni sausage, smoked beef sausage, beef sausage meat, onion beef burger, minced meat, and chicadella sausage.

Customized Products

Chi Farms Ltd. makes and distributes customized products for its customers such as pepperoni, beef, catfish, and chicken pizza toppings.


Chi Farms Ltd. sells and distributes juveniles, live catfish, frozen catfish, fillet, and fish feed.

French Fries

Chi Farms Ltd. sells and distributes the following French Fries: Lutosa food services, straight cut, crinkle cut, and shoestring fries.

Technical Support & Services

Chi Farms Ltd. provides customers and potential customers with laboratory services, vaccination, training, and technical farms support.