Welcome to Chi Farms Training Centre

Chi Farms Training Centre aims to create, share and provide knowledge and experience to customers and clients. We execute capacity building and skill acquisition initiatives to strengthen the skills of people in the poultry industry.

As a resource centre, we collaborate with other institution initiatives and engagements in both the public and private sectors, to empower people across the animal protein value chains.

Our Vision and Mission

Our vision is to become a global industry training centre, employing quality and innovative transfer of knowledge-based skills, to enhance capacities for sustainable investments in the animal protein value chains towards global food security.

Our mission is to develop human resource capacities that respond adequately to industry needs for skilled manpower in the poultry industry.







Why Chi Farms Training Centre

Making your investment a success is more than mere hard work. You need to be properly informed and armed with the right ad important information, knowledge and skill sets to have a successful poultry business.

Chi Farms Training Centre evolved from an in-house weekly training stream to becoming a strong capacity building facility of the Farm. Our knowledge sharing experience employs industry perspectives that are tried, tested, and proven to drive stakeholder’s participation on the path of success and sustainability in business. 

Our approaches integrate and capture the technical and economic demands of the business, while promoting the applications of innovations and new technologies in a sustainable manner.

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